On this date …

On this date in 1991, the oldest recorded bride, Minnie Munro, age 102, married a much younger man, 83-year-old Dudley Reid, in Point Clare, Australia.

Older women, younger men. This works out much better in the sack than older man, younger woman. Go Demi!

Aurora Watch

Space Weather News for Monday, May 30, 2005

AURORA WATCH: An ongoing geomagnetic storm could spark auroras tonight bright enough to see with the unaided eye from, e.g., Canada and northern-tier US states such as Maine and Wisconsin and Washington. Dim “photographic auroras” (visible to the camera, but not to the eye) could descend to even lower latitudes. Visit spaceweather.com for updates.

THE MOON AND MARS: On Tuesday morning, May 31st, the Moon and Mars will have a beautiful close encounter in the early morning sky. To see them, look east about an hour before dawn. Mars, nestled close to the Moon, is almost twice as bright as a first magnitude star.

From 1999 with love

[mixed messages and missed chances ……]

>Okay, a day later and some time to digest what you wrote: I’m not
>bummed – maybe a little rejected, maybe a little relieved, maybe a
>little embarrassed, but those are all transient. Mostly I think
>you’re a stand up kinda guy and I appreciate that you took the time to
>set things straight. It feels like something a friend might do.
>I saw Martha the shrink yesterday, she thinks you’re good for me to be
>around, in that I can watch how a guy with a certain amount of moral
>character/strength behaves. She’d like me to get comfortable with the
>notion that not all men will do the wrong thing when presented with
>So, I’m sorry I behaved like a jerk. I woke up in a sweat thinking
>what a creepy thing it was for me to disregard somebody’s feelings so

You’re attentions have been very flattering for me, so it’s probably my fault
for sending a mixed message. I like the play and flirting, but I just assumed
we were both clear that’s all I could do. And of course there’s the assuming
thing again (making an ass out of you and me, etc). I value your friendship, and
I don’t think you behaved like a jerk. I consider us to be friends. And since
everyone’s world is this twisty private motion picture going on in their heads,
and since for some reason we often think it has some remote connection to
what’s going on in other people’s heads – sometimes shit (miscommunication, etc)
happens. It’s just a bump in the road. It ain’t no thang.


Haiku: Star Wars

anybody game? The new subject is …

Star Wars!

Credits at the end
And a note from George Lucas:
Kiss My Ass, FanBoys!

Haiku do I write
Short sentences well fit me
Yoda is my name.

I’m in the wrong biz.
The take for two days was what?
One hundred million!


Camped out for tickets,
Light sabers and tents on the street.
Hottest fans EVER.


Didn’t see first two,
Of the second set, that is
Not a big fan, me.

Don’t need a shower,
Don’t need no stinkin job, too.
Waiting in line is so zen.



My friend Mark had a stroke on Thursday. His wife called and told me this morning, but I already knew something was going on.

I talked to him right after he (apparently) had the stroke. He thought he had a migraine coming on.

He’s too young for this to happen. A year younger than I am.
He’ll probably be alright – I hope he’ll be alright.

Quote o’ the Day

A boy doesn’t have to go to war to be a hero; he can say he doesn’t like pie when he sees there isn’t enough to go around.
–Edgar Watson Howe

Vegas Haiku, Baby!

Ashley has come up with a delightful new subject after our haiku haitus last week.

Dancing girls, free drinks.
24 hour buffet.
High rolling good time.
Sun is coming up,
Haven’t slept in days and days.
Please just one more hand…
and Mary might remember this one….

Big luxury bus.
Tequila shots a plenty.
“WHO WANTS TO F**K ME?!?!?!”

AND… she left the bus with her bra in her hand (actually someone – Norman
– was carrying it for her) AND she passed out with her head resting on the
toilet in the stinkin bus. She was sitting in front of the toilet with her
head resting on the porcelain gawd, and there she slept for about an hour.
Makes one want to dry heave just thinking about it.
PS, it wasn’t Mair


Should I hit 19?
Is 19 drinks too many?
Dude, where’s my hotel?


My GAWD! Wayne Newton!
Isn’t he just the GREATEST!
Now, I am complete.


More on the FurKids

That reminds me:
A couple of days ago Sissy the bounce-meister was carrying around her squeaky crackle rabbit. She walked into the bathroom and tried to drop the damned thing in my toilet.
Now, what would posess a dog to do that? Inquiring minds want to know.