More mullet haiku

Loud cars all turn left
Beer, exhaust, checkered flag dream
God I love NASCAR


Nice pants, ya faggot
A pot calls the kettle black
Denies own desires


Middle o’ nowhere
Wal-mart peeps with the mad hair
I run to west coast


Call it a mullet
The Suffolk County Side Swipe
It’s a way of life

3 thoughts on “More mullet haiku

  1. jtofgc says:

    i found your site (the ivory gates grammar thing to be exact)on google while looking for help on my research paper. best damn laugh ive had in ages. i guess i’d do something better than annoy you with my comments that obviously have nothing to do with the haiku you posted but alas i have nothing else to do… except homework maybe… but anyway, i have nothing better to do. btw very nice site. ive been here three times and the design hasnt been the same twice.


  2. bc says:

    I understand bored. That’s mostly why I keep changing the theme on the site. I’m trying to find one that I can live with.
    That Ivory Gates just has all sorts of good stuff on it, doesn’t it?
    Cracks me up that you found it doing research for a paper.


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