My Dog Ate It

Here’s a new one.
Not once, but TWICE tonight, I’ve looked down and Sebastian (the retarded, deaf, one-eyed cocker spaniel that once belonged to my husband’s ex) was eating …. money. He has ingested the corner of one 1$ bill, and half of another. He was getting set to work on a $5 bill when I caught him again.

What is bugging me most about this is I have no idea where he got it! The last time I looked down, he had a wad of bills near his foot.
I’ve confiscated them.

One thought on “My Dog Ate It

  1. bc says:

    There ended up being less than two halves of different dollars, plus the one he ate the corner off of.
    As it turns out, the little shit had taken the money from my open purse. He’s a paper and cord eater, always looking for something new to chew. I guess I should be glad that he didn’t eat the leather purse handles.


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