Mullet Haiku Favorites

Oh Brother Squirrel
We are one – your tail, my hair
Now I must eat you.

Sitting on toilet
Pellet gun propped on the sill
Mullet multitask

And, for the 4th of July …..

Short, for such is life
Long, for freedom has no bounds
American way.
———– and some new ones:

Shadows of pine trees
Scraping the trailer’s shadow
Mullet in morning

Wind off the truck hood
Nuh’thin blows me like she done
Hurricane RaeDean

Truck parts in the tub
Shut up, you worthless dang dog!
Fix me a pot pie.

Pops a Meister Brau
Adjust the damn rabbit ears
Free hand goes in shorts

I am sitting here
Just watching the nascar show
Ooo, there goes some beer

Denim rebel yell
Carry on my wayward son!
Care for a Bud Light?