Dammit, I had a whole long post going here, and I copied it into the buffer because I wanted to put the quote below on the blog first, and forgot and copied the damned quote over it. I hate when that happens. So, naturally, the stuff I’d written earlier was marvelous beyond belief. Best thing I ever wrote. Too bad I can’t reproduce it.

Andrew showed me a c00L keyboard this morning. On the same site there are a bunch of nice posters for wallpaper. After you look at them for a bit, you’ll discover that they all have something (at least vaguely) resembling a barcode, the trademark/logo/symbol for this company. Nice.

Watched the last two parts of a great show last night, called “Tipping the Velvet.” Tipping the Velvet is a euphemism for oral sex, female variety. Wonderful show about a girl in England, coming into her own. Literally. Much too brave for US TV, it was a BBC production in 3 parts. Stellar, really. Bob liked it, too, probably because of all the girl on girl sex. 🙂

One thing crossed off the list

Isn’t this great? Bob’s old behemoth fridge makes crushed ice if you ask right, so it will be easy to serve martinis in the cooler glasses. Got them from SwankMartini.
Mmm, Appletinis. I mostly drink dirty vodka martinis, with good vodka if possible. Ciroc is my current favorite. It’s french, made from grapes and leaves very little hangover in its wake. Nice and crisp around the edges.
The other drink I like right now is Absolut Vanilla with *diet cream soda (something good, like Boylan’s) in a chimney. Mmmm, good cracker.

*I like to get all my carbs in the form of alcohol, if possible. 🙂


I’m getting tired of seeing that little guy smash himself on the keyboard. Wish I knew how to make it stop after a couple of loops. I will circumvent the problem with a very long list in this post. 🙂

It’s very hot here today and I can’t think of anything I reallly want to do, except maybe get high and take a nap. That’s not overly productive.

Big Shitty list of things I could/should do:

*change goopy sheets
* dig through desk, find out what it’s made of
*take milkbottles back for deposit
*quit obsessing on moving the big incredibly heavy treadmill and having it fall on me and staying under it with my legs bent up at odd angles, until Bob gets home tonight, all the while repeating “Fear is the mind-killer. Pain is just a function of the nerves.”
* ream out SeaBass’s ears again
*do some weights
*check for more dead WEST NILE VIRUS birds. I guess that’s one way to get rid of the damnable scrub jays. We’ve had three so far. I thought they were dying from eating the Wally-Mart dog food that they so enjoy. County says West Nile and could we please try and get them a mostly live one.
*work on resume
*work on work stuff [only because I’m enjoying it at the moment]
*start packing/going through things for the move
*go grocery shopping and hit Longs, too. That parking lot is such a zoo. And so bloody hot.
*make ceviche for dinner
*empty the dishwasher
*think hard about martinis
*buy some cool martini glasses
*reprogram the master remote
*float the lily down the nile [not should, just could]

and on and on, ad infinitum.

There, the head banger should be below my line of vision now.

Nice graphic

Here, this is what I felt like yesterday. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my job. I LOVE my job.

I’m listening to Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Sci-Fi. It’s great. I’ve actually heard it before, but that’s okay. Maybe even better the second time because I’m not worried about what’s going to happen.

It is awfully hot today again. It’s supposed to hit 110 before the day’s over. Lovely. 10 more days before it’s going to be under 100.

I should get used to it, though. We’re going to be moving to Palm Springs before too much longer – and it’s 118 there today.
But it’s a dry heat. 🙂

More mullet haiku

Also lifted from beerchurch. I am doing the cleanup work for you — there are some bad things in those archives. Also gems like the ones below, but… Blech. Some people are nuts. And remarkably stupid.

Here’s the Pro Mullet side of the coin.

Dude that’s a hair cape
Not so my man, it’s a schlong
Either way — neck’s warm

Mullet dark like night
Blood of the conquistadors!
Yo soy El Jefe

CCR pumping
5.0 under the hood
Wal-Mart with RayDean

Rolled it seven times
Check my old trach scar
Bone yard let me keep the rims

Sand spurs and tall grass
Barefoot children drink Kool Aid
Dorals and Old Mill

PBR on tap
Mullet lit up in neon light
Come and get it, girl!

Mullet finds true love
You sure got a pretty mouth
Hold still, it won’t hurt

Standing on the shore
His gaze affixed to water
Catfish fill his mind

Jesus it’s hot out
The sanctuary is cool
First Church of Wal-Mart