More mullet haiku

Also lifted from beerchurch. I am doing the cleanup work for you — there are some bad things in those archives. Also gems like the ones below, but… Blech. Some people are nuts. And remarkably stupid.

Here’s the Pro Mullet side of the coin.

Dude that’s a hair cape
Not so my man, it’s a schlong
Either way — neck’s warm

Mullet dark like night
Blood of the conquistadors!
Yo soy El Jefe

CCR pumping
5.0 under the hood
Wal-Mart with RayDean

Rolled it seven times
Check my old trach scar
Bone yard let me keep the rims

Sand spurs and tall grass
Barefoot children drink Kool Aid
Dorals and Old Mill

PBR on tap
Mullet lit up in neon light
Come and get it, girl!

Mullet finds true love
You sure got a pretty mouth
Hold still, it won’t hurt

Standing on the shore
His gaze affixed to water
Catfish fill his mind

Jesus it’s hot out
The sanctuary is cool
First Church of Wal-Mart