Dammit, I had a whole long post going here, and I copied it into the buffer because I wanted to put the quote below on the blog first, and forgot and copied the damned quote over it. I hate when that happens. So, naturally, the stuff I’d written earlier was marvelous beyond belief. Best thing I ever wrote. Too bad I can’t reproduce it.

Andrew showed me a c00L keyboard this morning. On the same site there are a bunch of nice posters for wallpaper. After you look at them for a bit, you’ll discover that they all have something (at least vaguely) resembling a barcode, the trademark/logo/symbol for this company. Nice.

Watched the last two parts of a great show last night, called “Tipping the Velvet.” Tipping the Velvet is a euphemism for oral sex, female variety. Wonderful show about a girl in England, coming into her own. Literally. Much too brave for US TV, it was a BBC production in 3 parts. Stellar, really. Bob liked it, too, probably because of all the girl on girl sex. 🙂