Vet Trip from Hell

I just sent this to my friend. If he ever reads this blog he’s going to think I’m weird.
God, I just took both dogs to the vet. The big one [pushing 80 pounds] peed about a gallon in the back seat on the way over, and drooled down my (bare) shoulder when she wasn’t peeing. Nice. Bob had cleaned the car for me when I was gone – did all the leather, etc. Was really nice for the one trip back from the airport and the half a block toward the vet’s.
Both dogs were annoying as hell. Sissy (aka that goddamned dog) peed on the scale. SeaBass (aka Sebastian) peed on the exam table and screamed bloody murder while they drew blood. Poor old thing. At least his ears seem to be better. We now get to use a rubber feeding tube to douche his ears out every day. Along with the eye drops twice a day.
I hope someone kills me before I get that decrepit. Or I wish SeaBass would act like he wasn’t enjoying life so much. But, he is generally the happiest dog around. So much for putting him out of my misery.