100 Things

[Started on 9-30-05 after switching themes and becoming semi-inspired]
I used to think these lists were dumb, but I’ve changed my mind because it turns out I like knowing these little (and not so little) things about other people, total strangers or not. And anyway, after you read one of these, the author can never be a total stranger to you.

1. I think I’m losing my mind and it colors everything I think and do now.
2. I’m totally jazzed about seeing Serenity tomorrow. [Loved it!]
3. I’m married to husband #3, and have one offspring by husband #2. The offspring is male and smart and beautiful. Thank goodness he took after me!
4. I love music and it’s an important force in my life. I’ve learned that if my interest in music drops by the wayside, it’s time to work on the depression problem. It’s a very reliable indicator for a high-functioning depressed person.
5. Bands/musicians I like: Radiohead, John Hiatt, Trent Reznor, Tori Amos, King Crimson, Otis Taylor, Keb ‘Mo, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton (especially older), anything Finn brothers, okay, basically, I like everyone who is good and not overly pop or country western pop. Shit. This is the dumbest list I’ve ever made.
6. I’ve been trying to compile an All Time Favorites Top 10 list of music, but it’s slippery. All I can say for sure is NIN’s Pretty Hate Machine is in the top 5, and so is Derek and the Dominoes’ Layla.
7. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was growing up. Found drugs, sex, and rock and roll and took a permanent detour.
8. Relating to 7, I was convinced that I completely understood my animals when I was young. I swear they thought so, too.
9. I like dogs and cats equally, and must always have at least one living with me. Right now we have two dogs and two cats that mostly live inside.
10. I love sci-fi movies and books. Good ones, anyway.
11. I’m a mildly geeky Information Systems manager working in a mid-size association.
12. I commute an hour each way unless there’s traffic, and then it’s worse. 😦
13. I made the job and have worked for the same company for 15 years. I couldn’t use a computer or type when I started. Now I manage the network, 35 desktops, two satellite offices, and the web, mail, and file servers for all. And I can type 90 words a minute.
14. I don’t have a college degree, but I’ve taken a lot of college classes. Mostly IT related courses. I’ve never been able to decide if the lack of a degree has held me back or not. I make decent money for no degree.
15. I love to read but I haven’t read any books lately – I just listen to them now during the commute. Makes the whole thing bearable. The last thing I listened to was Worthing Saga by Orson Scott Card. It was very good. [Okay, now the last thing I listened to was Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Good-bye, and thanks for all the fish! And now it’s the DaVinci Code, and the Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman – VERY good if you like stories about myths and roots. And American Gods, also by Neil Gaiman. And now it’s Pride and Predjudice, which I absolutely love. Had I read this as a teen, I would be a very different person now. Maybe. Who knew that was what conversation was supposed to be about? And now I know why Neal S. thinks the Victorians were the best we ever have been. ]
16. I detest abridged versions of anything.
17. My favorite author is William Gibson. I wish he’d hurry up and write another book.
18. My favorite author for a long time was Frank Herbert. I read and re-read all of the Dune series 3 times. Or maybe 4. I tried to read the ones by his kid but they weren’t even close. Penny Arcade had the same reaction … FH had amazing insight into what makes a culture tick.
19. I love a good martini. Almost as much as I love 5 or 6 shots of really good tequila.
20. I like to cook, but I’m only so-so at it. Pretty average. I don’t have a specialty or anything. I can make a mean bowl of cereal, though. With bananas! Had chicken breasts with a sage/vermouth sauce tonight. Not bad.
21. I like to eat more than I like to cook. Good Thai is my favorite of the moment. And sushi. I like Vietnamese cooking, too, when I can find it. And real bacon. I was a vegetarian for a few years and the only thing I missed was bacon.
22. Did you see that GlueTrain quote? Funny. But you had to be there! A million years ago [1995 +-], I found this strange guy on the internet, he was on the edge and interesting, and he started a mailing list. I was on it when there were less than a 100 people listening to him. Do I rock, or what? He was dynamic and manic and creative and he wrote the ClueTrain Manifesto and Gonzo Marketing. Very hot on the lecture circuit for awhile. Chris Locke. We got to watch him reach his zenith and then hit the dirt. The first part was exhilarating; the second was sad, sad, sad. He had some substance abuse problems. He was *really* hot for awhile, though. It was fun being on the bleeding edge with someone. I might do it again sometime. I looked him up and he’s back, sort of. Running the Mystic Bourgeoisie blog. I’m not sure how I feel about it, yet. It strikes me as sort of bombastic now.
23. Mounds is (are?) my favorite candy bar, with Almond Joy a close second. Dark chocolate wins over almonds.
24. I only wear comfortable shoes. It’s a real challenge to find shoes that look good AND feel good; consequently I wear semi-ugly shoes fairly often and it breaks my heart because I’m a real shoe hound…. I just gave 20 pair to somebody who was having a garage sale. I had been carrying them around like a security blanket for 30 years, no shit. Don’t worry, though, I have *lots* more left.
25. I live an hour north of Sacramento, CA. I drive 40 minutes to get my hair done once a month [lowlighting, softening/tweaking the red and gray]. My hairdresser flies in from Texas once a month to do it. I’m not making this up.
26. My second favorite author right now is Neal Stephenson. He writes deliciously long sci-fi novels. Snow Crash and The Diamond Age : Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer are my faves so far.
27. I don’t watch PBS or listen to NPR. I used to now and again. But never anymore.
28. I like Kung-fu movies, and kickboxing. And ballet. But I don’t like figure skating. Go figure.

2-. …working ….. working …. working I’m having a hard time coming up with 100 things, but I’ll keep banging away at it. I should probably pull this until I’m finished. That would be the intelligent thing to do. If only I could keep from making it my life story!
Months later, March of 06:
29. My favorite flower is Iris. Not the dutch type, but the big, showy fuzzy-tongued variety. In any color, except maybe yellow. My grandma used to grow iris. When they were in bloom she’d cut me a bouquet’s worth, we’d wrap the stems in a wet napkin and a plastic bag and I’d carry them on my lap for the hour drive home.


Okay, I am uber-charged to go see Serenity. I don’t think I get to go tonight, but I’ll lobby for the matinee tomorrow.

I haven’t been excited about a movie in ages.
I bought the whole Firefly season on DVD on the strength of an Amazon.com recommendation. First time I’ve ever done that. And you know what? I loved it.

The series rocked my world. No, really! I sat and watched all of it over the course of a week and just about cried when it was over, because I knew there wasn’t gonna be no more, mei mei.

New Treo 700w Features

Someone on my Treo newsgroup posted this – and I just had to share.

With the announcement of the next Treo running Windows, here are the top
ten `improvements’ made to the 700:

1. Reboot function permanently assigned to the new oversized front

2. Faster Processor and more RAM! (required by graphics-intensive OS)

3. Saves bandwidth – no need to download open-source and free software

4. Lower Phone Charges (phone crashes when you try to use it – it’s a
known issue and will be addressed in Service Pack 2).

5. Easy Access!! (to hackers)

6. No need to reboot daily – constant crashing will do it for you!

7. Menu button performs 3 functions simultaneously – ctrl, alt, AND

8. Huge Data Storage/High Speed Data Transfer! (required to dl updates)

9. Features you’ve never had before…. (viruses and spyware)

10. All of the advantages of Internet Explorer will now be available to
Treo owners!

Free Association

Unconscious mutterings
Week 138

I say … and you think … ?

1. Crave::
2. Whole package::
3. Roommates::
4. 5:30::
5. Lesbian::
6. Poignant::
7. Hurtful::
8. You and I::
9. Grateful::
10. Giggle::

do yours first, before you look at mine …


I say … and you think … ?

1. Crave:: want
2. Whole package:: warts and all
3. Roommates:: young
4. 5:30:: news
5. Lesbian:: couple
6. Poignant::painful
7. Hurtful::mean
8. You and I::together
9. Grateful:: Dead
10. Giggle:: girls

Fur Kids and Kid Kids

Sissy snuck up on the couch with April and Andrew. They are all pleased with themselves, I think.

dog on lap picture

Poor Scuff got up a few minutes after the picture was taken and went off in a huff, embarrassed because we were laughing at her. I tried to tell her we were laughing WITH her, but she wasn’t buying it.

relaxed cat on lap


Look at this scurvy dog! He was obviously unclear on the concept.


And how about this little devil! She’s developing the pirattitude nice and early!


Even the guinea pig was getting in on it.


I never had teachers like this, but I wish I had!

pirate teachers

or how about this for Pirattitude???

More psychosis

Week 137
21 hours, 48 minutes ago

I say … and you think … ?

1. Less filling:: some beer, ask Mikey!
2. Glue:: sniff
3. Surprise me:: not
4. Model:: home
5. Fee:: simple
6. Microphone:: listen
7. Choices:: curves?
8. To the bone:: cut me
9. Run!:: good dog!
10. Appeal:: democrat