New Treo 700w Features

Someone on my Treo newsgroup posted this – and I just had to share.

With the announcement of the next Treo running Windows, here are the top
ten `improvements’ made to the 700:

1. Reboot function permanently assigned to the new oversized front

2. Faster Processor and more RAM! (required by graphics-intensive OS)

3. Saves bandwidth – no need to download open-source and free software

4. Lower Phone Charges (phone crashes when you try to use it – it’s a
known issue and will be addressed in Service Pack 2).

5. Easy Access!! (to hackers)

6. No need to reboot daily – constant crashing will do it for you!

7. Menu button performs 3 functions simultaneously – ctrl, alt, AND

8. Huge Data Storage/High Speed Data Transfer! (required to dl updates)

9. Features you’ve never had before…. (viruses and spyware)

10. All of the advantages of Internet Explorer will now be available to
Treo owners!