Quote o’ the Day

Thought for this day-after-Thanksgiving-shopping-blitz push:

“Shopping is better than sex. At least if you’re not satisfied, you can exchange it for something you really like.”


Iris in November

I walked outside this morning and Voila! one of my grandma’s old Iris was blooming. It’s morning, somehow the shadow of the house behind the flower came out black.
Iris in November

It’s fall, it really is. This is a tree from the same yard, 2 minutes later.
Fall in the front yard


This is stolen directly from Top Five

  1. "You’ve never loved me!"
    "Why the hell did I come home?"
    "Please pass the gravy."
  2. See my family:
    They’re all such friggin’ morons.
    Turkey softens pain.
  3. Christmas music plays,
    Yet I haven’t finished my
    Halloween candy.
  4. Of all the things I’m
    thankful for, the least must be
    Turkey leftovers.
  5. A strange hand enters
    My tender lil’ turkey ass.
    Cut that out, pervert!
  6. White man invades us,
    Steals our land and livelihood!
    Enjoy pie, asswipes.
  7. The zen of Popeye
    Echoes as I fill my plate:
    I am what I yam.
  8. Cowboys score again!
    I leap for joy, plate o’erthrown.
    Fido feasts again.
  9. Let us give our thanks
    To those who prepared this feast.
    Bless you, KFC.
  10. Mom shopped way too late,
    Shelves were picked clean of turkeys.
    Enjoy your fried Spam.
  11. Stomach exploding,
    I can’t eat another bite.
    What? Pie? Bring it on!
  12. This bird has five legs!
    Thanks, genetic engineer.
    Drumsticks all around!
  13. There’s a duck inside
    That chicken and that turkey?
    You’re such a pig, dude!
  14. Full, succulent breast.
    Thighs so firm I salivate.
    *That’s* Cousin Sue? D’OH!
  15. That olive seems strange.
    It looks like… AH! A glass eye!
    Not funny, Grandma!
  16. Turkey! Stuffing! Pie!
    Wolf down, then sprint to the john…
    Feast with Mary-Kate.
  17. Pungent aromas
    Wafting from Grandpa’s buttocks.
    May I be excused?
  18. Pie sirens singing,
    Beckoning from the table,
    Taunting me loudly.
  19. So full I could burst.
    Keep that mint away, despite
    Its wafer thinness.
  20. Pumpkin pies untopped,
    Whipped cream dribbles from the can.
    Who took nitrous hits?
  21. Finger lickin’ good!
    Junior says the stuffing feels
    Like warm apple pie.
  22. Sometimes we’re thankful
    For the things we do *not* have.
    Like, you know, Trump’s hair.
  23. The Pilgrims landed
    In Massachusetts. And froze.
    Next time, try Key West.
  24. Carve the turkey… yum!
    White meat, dark meat, red meat– huh?
    Crap, I’ve sliced my thumb.
  25. If you’re just too full,
    Go ahead, undo your belt —
  26. Most Americans —
    Two thirds — are obese. Stuffing:
    Side dish *and* hobby.
  27. The carcass lies still,
    Stuffed and silent. It is Dad
    Watching football games.
  28. The diagnosis:
    Tryptophan-induced coma
    Gravy IV, stat!
  29. Forty-four years old,
    Still at the kiddie table.
    Pass the damn peas, punk.

    and the Number 1 Thanksgiving Haiku…

  30. Butterball Hot Line?
    This is an emergency!
    My penis is stuck!

Subscribe to Top Five here. It’s a very funny list, with a free version and a paid version. The haiku list was from a paid subscription, of course. Way worth whatever I paid for it, which was something like $12 for a year. Cheap entertainment!


Mental this time.
I just took a test. The questions are below. Sad news: It says I am suffering from serious mental confusion and/or “fog”. Nice. Good to be at the top of my game, know what I mean?
I’m guessing it’s a combination of menopause, lack of exercise, serious long term lack of sleep, and old age. There is only one of those that I can fix. Ick.

Do you sometimes not know where you are?

Do you often say one word when you mean another?

Do you sometimes have trouble completing sentences?

Do you frequently lose your train of thought?

Do you sometimes have trouble spelling familiar words?

Do you sometimes not know the name of an object?

Do you find yourself becoming more disorganized and less efficient?

Do you often spend a lot of time going through papers looking for something?