Oldest New Mother

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Another baby may not be in the cards, but the 67-year-old
Romanian woman who became the world’s oldest mother last year
says raising her daughter has been easier than she thought.
“Even breast-feeding turned out fine,” said Adriana Iliescu.
“The hardest part is finding a private place to lift my skirt.”
(Jerry L. Embry)

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Quote o’ the Day

Industrialist Cornelius Vanderbilt believed that spiritualists could contact the dead. One day, he decided to seek financial advice from his deceased friend Jim Fiske and asked a renowned spiritualist to organize a séance so he could talk to him. But during the proceedings, the spirit of Vanderbilt’s dead wife, Sophia, “contacted” her husband first. Vanderbilt was not as pleased as the spiritualist expected. “Business before pleasure,” he said firmly. “Let me speak to Jim.”

Why I Hate Where I Live

In our local newspaper this week:

Our previous poll asked if you believe execution of convicted murderers should be painless for the person being executed.
Number Voting: 212
Yes: 18%
No: 82%

I guess 212 isn’t a very big piece of the 60K populace, but still ….

Unconscious Mutterings

You try it first, then look at mine 🙂

  1. Baby steps::
  2. Wasted::
  3. Reggie::
  4. Pitiful::
  5. Acting out::
  6. Tomato::
  7. Bad night::
  8. Trip::
  9. Finance charges::
  10. Sport::


  1. Baby steps:: What about Bob?
  2. Wasted:: again
  3. Reggie:: Veronica
  4. Pitiful:: Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me
  5. Acting out:: child
  6. Tomato:: Big Tomato, Sacramento
  7. Bad night:: boring
  8. Trip:: fall
  9. Finance charges:: Beneficial, king of the racketeers
  10. Sport:: good attitude


Here I am, smack in the middle of my three day fun-for-all.
It’s noon, I’m still in my jammies, and I’m on cup #2 of my triple espresso. That should kick my ass right into the shower, don’t you think? Mmmm, good cracker. I drink it Egyptian style, strong and thick with that nasty sweetened condensed milk in it. Heaven on a stick. Actually, I’ve just noticed my hair is beginning to stand on end.

I’ve been off reading other peoples blogs and browsing through a little porn, just to see if it looks the same. Yup, it does.


So, Dick Cheney is briefing George Bush in the Oval Office.

“Oh and finally, sir, five Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq today.”

Bush goes pale, his jaw hanging open in stunned disbelief. He buries his face in his hands, muttering “My God…My God”.

“Mr. President,” says Cheney, “we lose soldiers all the time, and it’s terrible. But I’ve never seen you so upset. What’s the matter?”

Bush looks up and says “How many is a ‘Brazilian’?”