Oldest New Mother

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Another baby may not be in the cards, but the 67-year-old
Romanian woman who became the world’s oldest mother last year
says raising her daughter has been easier than she thought.
“Even breast-feeding turned out fine,” said Adriana Iliescu.
“The hardest part is finding a private place to lift my skirt.”
(Jerry L. Embry)

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2 thoughts on “Oldest New Mother

  1. bc says:

    Yep, gross, but pretty funny presented that way by Jerry Embry (who I don’t know from Adam, BTW, but his stuff is all over the top 5 site).

    I can’t imagine what would possess anyone that age to even remotely consider having a baby. Think of the energy requirements! There’s a reason we start having babies early – it’s so we can keep up with the little buggars and keep them out of the trash can and the electrical outlets.


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