Yesterday started out pretty good but was toast by the end of the day.

First, the good.
We saw “Failure to Launch” yesterday. Formulaic movie but such a great cast I barely noticed. It’s at least a solid B, maybe B+.

We went to Famous Footwear afterwards, they were having a Grand Opening sale that was screaming my name. I did a survey upon entering [muy DUMB (the survey, not the taking it)] but got a $5 off coupon out of it. I already had a $10 off coupon from the mail. And all the shoes were on sale! Poor Bob was with me so I had to hurry which was a terrible shame, but I got three new pairs. I have one of them on right now, as slippers. They look like the Earth Shoes of my youth. Brown suede, big ugly wide toe box, and nearly a negative heel. And two chunky 3″ wedges, one black and one brown. For work. I like being tall. Saves on hemming.

So, when we got home, the power was down. Hasn’t happened since I lived here. No biggie, though. We called PG&E to report it and conferred with the neighbors who said it would be back on by 4. Not so, it was almost dark before they got it back up. Something blew two fuses on the power pole at the end of the street. Whatever it was, took my network router with it. Dammit! Spent a long time troubleshooting after the power came back up. Bottom line is we’ll be taking a trip to Fry’s in a few minutes. Right now I’m connected directly into the cable modem. Not good. Especially for Bob, who can’t get to the internet at all as long as I’m hogging up the connection. Oops. 🙂