lucky day

I was driving in to work today, no later than usual. Got behind a mini-van that was actually driving faster than I was. Amazing. Incredible! Generally speaking, from my point of view anyway, mini-vans and their drivers are the bane of the universe. Big slowdown in traffic? Look to the mini-van. My sister used to drive one- I’m glad she graduated.

Oh, anyway, I was screaming along behind this van, who was actually widening the gap between us. I was boggled, but decided not to give chase. Just as well. I was going 81 mph. at the moment I looked over to my right and saw a CHP on a motorcycle passing me, heading toward the van. I didn’t even get a sideways glance. He was probably just curious to see who could possibly be driving a mini-van that fast.

I don’t know if the van got nailed or not because everybody slowed way down and I nipped into the right lane and tried to look inconspicious just in case the ossifer decided to come back. So it was a bloody slow 65 mph the rest of the way in and I never saw hide nor hair of the van. [in case you got here late: my daily commute is an hour one way if there’s no traffic AND I can stand on the gas pedal] Maybe the cop was a KOL player and let me slide because of my swell bumper sticker:
My Other Car Is Made Of Meat.
to wit:
bitchin meatcar

This is one bitchin’ meatcar, man.

One thought on “lucky day

  1. Zanmatoer (In game) says:

    Come on, you’ve got to at least tell us you username!

    The Kingdom of Loathing also owns my Soul.


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