To Do List

This is my frightening to do list that has been waking me up. I am one person.

computer frustration

Today: Fix fracking crappy CYMA software accounting server software and workstation problems this morning

Find good local IT help – check out the Central Sac business, CSAE? Figure out how to use them without any available budget.

Find out about integrating eDirectory and Active Directory – Embrace the Dark Side

Find out about remote viewing in Windows

Set up new backup system
get software and serial numbers
move shelves
install hardware
install software
change UPS setup

Buy software for new servers [note: find out about buying pre-installed]
SQL server
Windows 2003
sql server
report server
new email server + exchange??
TiMSS server
One more I can’t remember

Buy GB add-on for ProCurve switch

Setup search for ITC
decide which headers
finish new website pages?
send snippets to vultures

Buy new servers
SQL server
Report server
TiMSS server
one other

Finish new website and move to new server, Fireball is on its last legs – timing is very iffy on this

Find out about integrating vacancy database TiMSS database, top layer should be able to call any db

Install massive new sitewide AMS system
Do Data Conversions
Go Live: 9-29-06

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