On Cruising

We did our three day cruise to Mexico out of Long Beach last weekend. Are we the only people on the planet who could go on a cruise and not particularly enjoy it? Probably, old fuddy duddies that we are these days.

First, an important thing I learned: When you’re on a boat out in the middle of nowhere, you have to stay on it. You can’t go anywhere. You are trapped. When you are parked at port, with huge lines to disembark, you are trapped and can’t go anywhere. Both of those situations bothered me more than I would ever have thought possible.

Second. The food sucked. It was like eating at the Woodland Sizzler. Grade C all the way. I think that we are really spoiled with how we eat [free range organic chickens wild lettuce greens and all that], and should not buy cheap cruises and expect to be thrilled.
The Holland cruise in January will be better. Five star. With so much good live music on-board, I probably won’t care one way or another about the food, anyway. BluesCruise, which I think I already told y’all about.

Third – if you’re sensitive to cigarette smoke, you won’t be doing any gambling in the onboard casino. Ever.

Fourth – if you aren’t much for group activities, there may not be a whole hell of a lot left to do. We actually participated in a lovely towel folding seminar provided by the stewards. Yep. I can turn a towel into an elephant, now, which may be a useful skill when I get to the nursing home. And we went to a sort of Newlywed Game that was almost amusing. And then the final show, where wannabe stage entertainers end up when they can’t make it without a captive audience.

It wasn’t all bad, though. We went kayaking on the ocean at La Bufadora south of Ensenada. We went a couple of miles out into the ocean so we could see the blowhole. We were very close to a bunch of whales which was cool. I’ve seen them from boats before in Monterey but never that close or in such numbers. We were really quite vulnerable but probably far enough away (50 yards?) that they didn’t even know we were there. Kayaks don’t disturb the water much and they’re quiet.
Learned a couple of things there, too. 1. Bob is in much worse shape, cardio-wise, than I am. 2. If you get a lot of sunblock in your eyes, don’t use seawater to get it out. Doesn’t help and in fact, seems to exacerbate the problem.

After the kayaking we went across land to the tourist center for La Bufadora and looked around. They had a long shopping place, sort of like being at the fair, with lots of leather and silver and frontmen (hawkers? Cryers?) trying to pull tourists into the stalls. We didn’t buy anything, but we went up to one of the little restaurants and had tequila and beer and really enjoyed sitting there in the cool breeze overlooking the ocean getting a nice buzz after our rather strenous adventure. We’d do that part again, including the kayaking. I just bought Bob a stairstepper to help with the cardio conditioning for our next adventure.

I haven’t had the oomph to write about this until today. Giardia or Montezuma’s revenge or something since I got back. Getting better now. I am now 15 pounds lighter than when we went on the cruise. That’s just wrong, somehow. But good!

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  1. I went on a cruise to Jamaica with my girlfriend last year. We had a good time, but the food was just okay, except for the room service food. That was fantastic. I’ve never had such delicious BLTs. But you are right, once you are on the boat, there you are.


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