Sad News

Andrew’s dog, Shelby, died on the 14th. She was 10.
Shelby lived a long and happy life, but her last year had some weird stuff happening. Seizures that the vet couldn’t identify. Probably a tumor in her brain.
She went peaceably in her sleep instead of drowning or some other awful way to go.

Andrew was sad. We got her when he was 11 and they were very close. I can attest to that by the amount of dog hair that would come out of his bedding on laundry day.

I’d love to give him our Sissy dog who loves him better than anyone, but Bob wants to keep her. Bob thinks she is a wonderful child, calls me Mom to her. “Go find Mom!” GAWD!!. I think she is mostly an annoyingly smart dog who has dominance issues. More Dog Whisperer for me, please.