Banner Day

Look what I did on the way in to work today. I had to slow down to take the picture, though. Click the link so you can see the odometer.

roll over, Beethoven

God, a lot happened today.
My father-in-law for the 18 years prior to the last 4 died last night. In the hospital. One day short of his 48th wedding anniversary, and, coincidentally, a day short of my new 3 year anniversary with his son’s successor. Got all that? Jaysus.

And my drugged out older sister is in the hospital, and apparently has been for about a week but no one bothered to tell me until today. Nice. She just about died, from the cumadin they were pumping in her to clear up some clots in her lungs. Her organs are all fried from the meth. Her nerves are fried from the self-induced MS from the 30 years of chain smoking. I’m still mad at her, can you tell? Bitch. We all had the same choices. That’s all that keeps going through my head. Over and over. I feel guilty, and angry, and guilty, and angry. And very ambivalent.

Will I feel bad forever if I don’t see her before she dies? I swear to god I don’t want to deal with her, and then I’ll run into my father, which will open up a whole new bag of worms.

All I really want to do is have a nice anniversary with my husband tomorrow.