GAG. It’s 106 now. Ouch. Went shopping, bad idea. Blacktop + car = Fried Girl

It was 77 degrees at 6:30 this morning, and 51% humidity. Gag me. In Sac the air quality was awful, too. Got that inversion layer thing going. 107 yesterday. Double gag me.

I think it’s getting more humid than it used to be. Is that part of the greenhouse effect?

Unconscious Mutterings

I say … and you think … ?
First, you try it:

1. Video ::
2. Fantasy ::
3. Homework ::
4. Crush ::
5. Late ::
6. Husband ::
7. Soccer ::
8. Wine ::
9. Before ::
10. Romantic ::

Now I’ll do it:
I say … and you think … ?

1. Video ::tape
2. Fantasy ::Island [De plane! De plane!]
3. Homework :: crushing
4. Crush ::preteen
5. Late ::husband
6. Husband :: ex
7. Soccer ::fever
8. Wine ::kangaroo
9. Before ::after
10. Romantic ::dinner

Quote o’ the Day

“‘It is very pleasant dining with a bachelor,’ said Miss Matty, softly, as we settled ourselves in the counting-house. ‘I only hope it may not be improper; so many pleasant things are!’”


Five-Word Newsflash

–==++ TopFive’s Five-Word Newsflash ++==–

Item: Georgia court bans gay marriage.

Comment: Marrying cousins, siblings still allowed.

(Jim Woodruff)

Quote o’ the Day

British politician Tony Benn proposed to his girlfriend, Caroline, while sitting on a park bench in Oxford in 1949. After she said yes, Benn was so carried away that he wrote to the city council, pleading to let him buy the bench. The council agreed, and Benn had it placed in the garden of his home in London as a reminder of that moment.