I love my job

Leah*, whom I flew down to see yesterday in our LA office, is older than dirt. I mean she’s pushing 80. Still very spry, but from a different place, if you get my drift –Jewish grandmother to the bone, and funny. I like her.

She’s not so good with the technical bits of her job, but she tries hard and she has learned her software enough to do her job well (and she shows up every day she’s scheduled) so she will probably work there until she dies.

She’s very hard to talk to about anything that uses electricity.

Her internet connection was down in the office, and she’d called tech support for SBC/ATT who finally said it must be the router, and then the router company – and they walked her through all sorts of stuff for more than 3 hours. From the Philippines, she said. Then she called me, all distraught and worried because she couldn’t do her work, so I made the reservations and flew down there.
5:45 a.m.
45 minutes to the airport
90 minutes in Sac airport
85 minutes in the air
60 minutes to the office

90 SECONDS for me to discover that she’d kicked the plug for the router out. OMFG!!

We went to lunch, I set her up with a gramma blog for something to do because she mentioned she was writing her memoirs and that way the trip wasn’t a total waste, and then ….

60 minutes to the airport during which I had to close my eyes and pray a couple of times (Leah’s driving is somewhat *erratic*)
150 minutes in LAX
oops, flight was delayed, make that 180 minutes
85 minutes in the air
45 minutes back home.
9:15 p.m.
$254 worth of airline tickets.

My bad for not going over everything with Leah cable by cable before I booked the flight, but honestly, I would rather tar a roof than do that with her ever again. AND I ASSUMED SBC/ATT or NETGEAR HAD ASKED THAT QUESTION. It’s like trying to communicate in Martian to her to explain power cords and routers and ethernet ports in words she can understand and act on. I’ve tried before. More than once. Plus she has to crawl on the floor to get to some of it. She’s spry, but still pushing 80. It’s hopeless via phone, but really, I think it’s my fault for not being able to come up with words and descriptions she can understand.

I am NOT going to do this again, but it’s all sort of amusing in retrospect. I probably could have gotten on an earlier flight home. Earlier by 25 minutes, but then I wouldn’t have had the “A” boarding pass and so would have ended up between two hefty people per my usual luck.

I just wish my company would spring for a local support contract.

*Name has been changed to protect the innocent

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