Neener Neener

The cat takes advantage of the dogs “early to bed” routine, knowing they are far too sleepy to give chase.

scuff relaxes

Surprise! the other cat decides to do the same. That’s a big old Neener Neener coming from both cats, you’d hear it if this was video.


Could substitute e-mail

“Your letter gave me more delight than any thing in the world but yourself could do; indeed I am almost astonished that any absent one should have that luxurious power over my senses which I feel. Even when I am not thinking of you, I receive your influence and a tenderer nature steeling upon me.”


When you were first online, did you have email romances? I did. For a couple of years. They were exciting to the point that I would check for mail obsessively. Click. Check. Click. Check. Seconds apart, not even waiting for the minute.

One of them developed into a five year fling that ended (I’m not making this up) because I didn’t want to commit to anything. That five years encompassed a divorce, as it did for my penpal, but I was not ready to get married again, and at the time was NEVER going to remarry.

But things change! Feelings always change. At least mine do. My feelings are never static, and what I hated once may not even raise my hackles now – and what once made me pant with lust (for example, my five year friend) delivers no charge today.

And I’ve remarried.

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How many have your name?

I realize this is vaguely lame, yet here it is, blogged by me.
Yeah, need another glass of wine.

I’m drinking a nice little inexpensive Hahn ’04 Pinot Noir and eating home grown tomatoes (not grown by me, of course or they’d be inedible) and snacky Hot Punjabi Mix for dinner. The mix is is a hot (obviously) Indian vegetarian mix consisting mostly of garbanzos and things made with garbanzo flour shaped into … things. And some raisins, peanuts, and various other sundry assorted foodstuffs coated liberally with chili powder. It’s quite good, but has overpowered the hell out of my benign little Pinot.

And then again

I looked through catalogs last night and found all SORTS of things I’d like to buy for people. And even more I’d like to buy for myself. God. I am so susceptible to advertising it’s not even funny. If I don’t keep it in check I am the most acquisitive person on the planet. Some day I will write about the pain that causes internally for my zen child.

I went to a charity rating website and they only gave Heifer a 3 out of 4 due to admin costs. It wasn’t bad, but apparently there are other more worthy, if less outwardly pleasing, places I could donate my money. Dammit.

I still like the idea of buying a cow.

It’s October and I’m starting to think about Christmas as usual. But this year I’d like to try something different. I’d like to buy a cow for Christmas.

If you’ve never heard of Heifer International, go look at their website. Heifer has such a reasonable initiative that it’s hard not to help. Their goal is to “teach a man to fish.” Or care for cows, or rabbits, or chickens, or honeybees. And then supply the animals that will bring the most long term benefit in their particular situation and create sustainable, responsible communities.

It’s noble.

They’re even teaching basic veterinary care because of course there’s no access to vets where these Heifer people are inserting the animals and training. And even if there was access, who could afford it? So Heifer is teaching these people how to give worm medicine, and shots and whatever other basic veterinary care is needed. They’ve got a grant matching donations right now for this veterinary program. So if it sounds like a winner, you might want to donate a little now and do twice as much good.

PETA, SCHMETA, I’d rather help people.

Deer On Parade

There’s this weird big Self Storage place in Yuba City with a fenced vacant lot next to it.

One by one over a period of a few months, life-sized metal animals have been showing up in various groupings on the lot. Now they’ve been arranged to play soccer.

My pictures don’t do it justice but look anyway.
Animal Referee


Well, week one of the Go-Live with new company-wide software went pretty well. One of the guys from the software company sat with us the first three days fixing things that didn’t work as we found them and helping us learn to do our jobs in a new way. It was draining, since every broken piece seemed like a major trauma. There is still so much to learn.

This software is all wrapped around a big SQL database. Membership, meetings, inventoried products, accounting, marketing – if we do it, it’s part of the db now. It was entertaining whipping out financials for things we’d just sold out of the system. Sort of the Gee Whiz affect all week. That part was pretty damned cool.

There is still a whole lot of work and tweaking to do, but we’ve gotten off on the right foot and have a good handle (mostly) on all of it. I know far, far more about accounting than I want to, now.