Sad Day in Dogville

We had to put Sebastian to sleep this morning. The eye drops didn’t work and the narrow angle glaucoma wrecked his remaining eye. The pupil was blown and the pressure was 91, up from 31 two weeks ago.
Poor thing, I know it hurt, but he was very tolerant and behaved like a gentleman up to the end.

I sat him and Sissy down with me this morning and told them about it and cried a little. SeaBass acted like he knew what was coming down, Sissy was her normal blithe and clueless big dog self. But I tried. Her only concern was that Sebastian was going on a walk and she didn’t get to go. Sigh.

The vet was in agreement, citing quality of life. I would have taken care of him if he was deaf (indeed I have been) OR blind, but not both. I’m out of the house a minimm of 11 hours a day when I work, so I couldn’t supervise closely enough most of the time.

I am so sorry that SeaBass will not being able to run and bark and herd Sissy when I throw the squirrel. I also really hate that we never got any footage of that, it was very funny and would have made a great keepsake. Sebastian’s finest behavioural weirdness. I guess I always thought we’d have tomorrow.

We held on to him while the vet did the deed. He was unhappy about the needle so he didn’t go as peacefully as we all would have liked, but he relaxed and I felt the life leave him. I trust he’s in doggy heaven now herding his old german shepherd buddies YoYo and Bear and barking non-stop in their ears.

He was a good little dog and I will miss him.