Buzzword O’ the Day


A not very bright celebrity. Frequently used to describe Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc.
Nominated by Charlie Walker


so maybe the next new word might be celebutwat? We know where that’s going to point….

A BIG kiss

Check it out: Bob thought we needed some mistletoe – and he got some. And brought it in and hung and said he was expecting a BIG kiss under it.

Can you SEE how big this is here? Lordy.
Also, can you make out the alien down the hall?


Yes, I have to duck to get under it.

Christmas Eve

… and I still have a few things left to wrap. Christmas is so low key this year that it’s almost below the radar. Odd.

Here’s the KOL Christmas present:
You punch out a section of the Spooky Advent calendar. A Spooky Adventer is you!
fruitcake.gifYou acquire an item: ancient unspeakable fruitcake*
Huh. Apparently, this section has two things in it. Curious…
You acquire an item: chocolate lump

* ancient unspeakable fruitcake

This is like a regular fruitcake, only really old, really dry, and consisting of eerily unidentifiable ingredients.

Actually, y’know, this is exactly like a regular fruitcake. My bad.
chocolate lump

This is a weird, irregularly-shaped lump of chocolate. It’s definitely a chocolate-covered something, but there’s really no telling what that something is.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded
Cannot be discarded
Quest Item