Buzzword O’ the Day


A not very bright celebrity. Frequently used to describe Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc.
Nominated by Charlie Walker


so maybe the next new word might be celebutwat? We know where that’s going to point….

A BIG kiss

Check it out: Bob thought we needed some mistletoe – and he got some. And brought it in and hung and said he was expecting a BIG kiss under it.

Can you SEE how big this is here? Lordy.
Also, can you make out the alien down the hall?


Yes, I have to duck to get under it.

Christmas Eve

… and I still have a few things left to wrap. Christmas is so low key this year that it’s almost below the radar. Odd.

Here’s the KOL Christmas present:
You punch out a section of the Spooky Advent calendar. A Spooky Adventer is you!
fruitcake.gifYou acquire an item: ancient unspeakable fruitcake*
Huh. Apparently, this section has two things in it. Curious…
You acquire an item: chocolate lump

* ancient unspeakable fruitcake

This is like a regular fruitcake, only really old, really dry, and consisting of eerily unidentifiable ingredients.

Actually, y’know, this is exactly like a regular fruitcake. My bad.
chocolate lump

This is a weird, irregularly-shaped lump of chocolate. It’s definitely a chocolate-covered something, but there’s really no telling what that something is.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded
Cannot be discarded
Quest Item

Posting the Cat

Okay, I have to relate this.

Bob picked up the phone from my desk and walked into the other room with it, talked for awhile, hung up, and just held on to the phone when he was done. We were just sitting there chatting and suddenly the phone pager went off, making us both jump.

Yes, the cat went into the office, got on my desk, climbed up to where the phone base was, and pushed the page button. I guess she didn’t like it leaving the room.

FYI, she listens to the messages, too. So far I don’t think she’s erased any but …
“Oh, gosh, I didn’t get your message! That damned cat must have erased it again!”
Yeah. That’s way better than The Dog Ate My Homework.

On Rocky

TopFive’s Happy Holidays Project is underway!

Chris is trying to raise $10,000 for Toys for Tots,
and there’s something in it for you as well!

Go here for details:

Rocky Balboa,” the sixth installment in the Rocky series
starring Sylvester Stallone, will be in theaters tomorrow!

The Top 17 Surprises in “Rocky Balboa”

17> “… and in this corner, wearing the purple Depends….”

16> Rocky’s training drink now a glass of EggBeaters mixed with
Metamucil and a Viagra.

15> His opponent for the big match? Hilary Swank.

14> Post-conversion to Kabbalah, Rocky replaces “Yo, Adrian!”
with “Oy, Adrian!”

13> Mr. T makes a cameo appearance as a waiter with one single
line: “Fool, you want some chicken?”

12> While pondering how he got a championship bout at age 58,
Rocky walks into the locker room to find his drunk brother-
in-law fellating Don King.

11> Cuff and Link are long gone, but Rocky has new turtles named
Lame and Sequel.

10> Heartrending scene in which Rocky breaks his hip climbing
into the ring.

9> After being knocked down for a third time, a frustrated Rocky
cries out, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

8> The waistband on Rocky’s boxing shorts almost touches his pecs.

7> A health-conscious Rocky trains by punching slabs of tofu
at Whole Foods.

6> “Rocky”: “Cut my eye!” “Rocky Balboa”: “Cut my steak!”

5> Whenever Rocky gets a bloody nose, his corner man packs his
nostrils with Gummi Bears.

4> Rocky calmly bypasses the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum
and drives his Rascal up the access ramp.

3> Truly gross scene in which Rocky misunderstands the
instruction to leave his stool in the corner of the ring.

2> Taking no chances this time, Rocky gets cornea transplants
taken from actual tigers.

and’s Number 1 Surprise in “Rocky Balboa”…

1> In a scene employing clever symbolism, Rocky trains by
punching the carcass of a horse.

[ The Top 5 List ]
[ Copyright 2006 by Chris White ]


I hab a code in my node. I swore I wasn’t going to get it when Bob brought it home. That’s what I get for swearing, I guess.

ON a positive note, I got the mail server moved to a different machine at work yesterday, and then got it upgraded to the latest greatest. It wasn’t too bad. I brought in somebody to help, primarily because I didn’t do any of the research one should do before one attempts something like this. Any problems we had were overcome, with one exception: the client on my workstation crashes each and every time I try to type in a subject or anything in the body. Not so useful as far as email goes that way.

My station was the guinea pig. I installed the unpatched client first. It crashed. I installed the patched client over it. Didn’t uninstall first, which was probably a big mistake that I’ll pay for until the next version. Sheesh.
I don’t really care, I can research it at my leisure and use the webmail as a workaround. If it was anyone else it would be a problem I’d have to address immediately.