So, if it’s still at the pound tomorrow morning, we’re going to grab a big beautiful Boxer boy to keep poor lonely Sissy company. I’m trying to get a Boston Terrier, too, but this will do for now. Besides, three dogs aren’t much worse than two, in my experience. Depends on the dogs, depends on the people.

Sissy’s been despondent since SeaBass died and we’ve been trying to replace him. This will probably work. 5 years old, male, about to be neutered if he comes home with me. Tri-Colored. Tall. His owner died and his owner’s kids couldn’t afford him or didn’t want him, I guess, plus there’s the yard issue. We talked to the grandkids of the dead guy for awhile today and they were going to try and take him home if they could afford the fees. I gave them my card and said we’d take him if they decided they didn’t want him or couldn’t do it.
The grandson just called, so I’ll trot in tomorrow and see what happens. I’m not emotionally invested in the dog, so I’m good either way it works out. The grandson says the dog is used to Pedigree but I doubt we’ll be stepping down to that. Oooooh, snotty. Yeah!

Now, the big question: If we get this dog, it will be our Furkid Sissy’s brother. What relation will it be to Bob’s son’s dog Buster the Boxer? You’ve seen his picture in this space in the random shots if you come here much. Would this be Buster’s new Uncle? Or Step-brother? or cousin? :):) Sissy is our Furchild, Brandon is Bob’s child, Buster is Brandon’s Furchild. I think that makes the new dog Brandon’s step-brother and Buster’s new Uncle. HAHAHAHAH!!

Yes, I’ve turned into an idiot in my old age.

Maybe it’s just the excitement of going on a cruise. w00t!!111! Man, that is SUCH a convenient excuse. I was supposed to pack this weekend, have packed not a whit. I suck.

I hope Andrew likes Boxers. He’ll get the dog’s first week here as Andrew’s dog and house sitting while we’re gone. I suppose it’s totally irresponsible to get a new dog and then leave. I guess I could board him at the vet’s or something since he has to go there for a checkup and nut-ectomy anyway.

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