Jury Selection

OMFG!! Who knew it could be so long and unbe-fucking-lievably boring? It’s a redrum trial, with 90 people sitting in the pool waiting for the hatchet. Yikes! Had to be there all day today, looks like I’ll have to be there all day tomorrow.

I don’t mind doing my civic duty. In fact, it’s an interesting diversion from real life. But that’s once you get to the trial part. The selection process is so tedious and dull that I was doing e-mail on my Treo (IN MY PURSE so it looked less like a Blackberry Prayer and maybe more like a demented bag person whom authorities would be loathe to interrogate). The bailiffs wouldn’t let us chew gum, read books, play solitaire or pee on demand. This was very difficult in the morning for a person who a) has a bladder the size of a pea (sp? 🙂 heh heh ) and b) took a diuretic earlier. Feh. And I’m trying not to talk about my short attention span here.

==Haiku Hiatus==

Jury selection
Part of our justice system
This is punishment!


Mair, you could chime in with stories of court reporters here. Ours was having as much trouble as the rest of us prospective jurors staying awake while the defense attorney asked the same time-killing questions over and over and over. He asked at one point if a prospective juror that made the first twenty to the bench had any reason not to like him and everyone in the courtroom muttered in unison under their breaths, “Yes, you talk too much!”


Fam News

I talked to mom for a while tonight. She had eye surgery today and her remarks and mood remind me of me after I had mine…. in awe of the technology and technique that could make such a difference in quality of life in such a short time. And painlessly, to boot.

She had the cloudy lens replaced in one eye with a nice clear synthetic one. Voila! Everything old is new again. She gets the other one done in April but wishes it was tomorrow.