Amazing CRS Syndrome

This morning I turned on the radio and felt the need for some Deep Tracks.  A song by the Animals came on and I knew ALL the words, and belted them out with gusto (much to Bob’s dismay)  while sitting at the breakfast table.

I got up, still singing, and headed to the office for something but forgot what it was by the time I got there.   Still singing the words verbatim to a song I learned 35 years ago.  What’s up with that?  Memory is a funny thing.

And, FYI, I can’t remember the name of the song now to save my life.


CRS = Can’t Remember Shit

2 thoughts on “Amazing CRS Syndrome

  1. mairmair says:

    This is soooooo right up/down my alley. I can’t remember ANYTHING anymore. It’s beginning to scare me a little. I was supposed to babysit for my friends on Friday night. Got there (40 mile drive from home) no cars in the driveway. Called their cell phone. Turns out WE rescheduled and I had NO RECOLLECTION at all. Holy crap. It’s really inconvenient NOT TO REMEMBER SHIT for test taking, as well. GOODGAWDMAN, whatever shall I do? Do I ask my doctor about this (providing I can remember who my doctor is, of course)? At least I know the name of the syndrome now – except that I’ve already forgotten it. Shite.


  2. Oh, amen; y’all are singing my song. I have to keep a list of the names and abbreviations for Elements next to my desk because even after working in this position for three years, I can never remember what Fe and Pb and Mn stand for… but heaven forbid “Word Up” comes on the radio because I can sing every word.


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