FIN325 Homework

So here’s what I’ve been bitching and moaning about ALL day. I’ve been STRUGGLING with these two hideous problems.

Present Values. A famous quarterback just signed a $15 million contract providing $3 million a year for 5 years. A less famous receiver signed a $14 million 5-year contract providing $4 million now and $2 million a year for 5 years. Who is better paid? The interest rate is 10 percent.

Bond Pricing. A General Motors bond carries a coupon rate of 8 percent, has 9 years until maturity, and sells at a yield to maturity of 7 percent.
a) What interest payments do bondholders receive each year?
b) At what price does the bond sell? (Assume annual interest payments.)
c) What will happen to the bond price if the yield to maturity falls to 6 percent?

Anyone???? PLEASE!

A Little More Dog/Target Haiku

200 smackers
A bit excessive for dogs
Even at Target.

A new spring wardrobe
Twenty left from my hundy.
Love me some Target.

I wish I were there, Bethie. I wouldn’t be STRESSING out over my fricken homework, that I’ve been working on since 12:30 and am not even halfway through with. BUGGER!

More Dog Haiku

We need more dog chews!
One hundred eighty dollars.
College might be cheaper.

Okay, it wasn’t all on dog chews. I was at Target so I bought way more than I went in for on all sorts of good things.  Got some jerky and some SlimSlow, too.

And two pair of thongs. The kind for your feet.  And soda for Bob.  BUT, the bulk of it was dog chews, I swear.

Speaking of dog chews and soda, I think it’s time for a martini.  Mair, if you were here, I’d fix you one, too.

More work avoidance

Mair writes:

No more lame movies!
Bed of Roses, You’ve Got Mail.
Homework Avoidance.

Fifth cappuccino
I’m almost ready to go.
My finance class SUCKS.

Fire up the Haiku Engine

Mair writes:

I just re-read all of the haiku on your website.  Some of them made me laugh out loud.  Good stuff, baby.  Those writers are VERY intelligent and talented!

Re-read old Haiku
Time to make up new Haiku
Homework avoidance?

Washed sheets, made the bed
Vacuumed, gardened, dishes done
Homework avoidance?


Now what shall I do?
Two-mile walk, petted all dogs
Homework avoidance?


Get out the shovel
Ooops, stole that one from sister.
Homework avoidance.


Flowin like river
I could do this forever.
Homework avoidance.


Me thinks Mair may not want to do her homework today.