Ask The Doctor


Over the years, there has been much heated discussion and quite a bit of research about the health benefits of alcohol. It may have started back in the twenties when a British ad campaign, “Guinness is good for you,” led people to believe that the Irish stout had healing properties. Evidently, people told the company that they felt good after their pint, and the slogan—and the myth—was born.

Along with alcohol, echinacea, vitamin C, zinc, and chicken soup have all been touted as cures—or preventives—for the common cold. Unfortunately there is no strong evidence for any of them. For a cold you need rest, fluids, and a little time. What fluids? It basically comes down to whether you think beer or chicken soup is better for the soul.

No contest.

Does a bath including a tidal wave count as pushing liquids? I think SO!

Tidal Wave

I’m getting a cold and decided to take a bath this morning to soothe my aching joints.  I brought a book with me, the cat came in and got comfy on the rug next to the tub, and I settled down for a nice soak in the deep hot water.

I realized  that I’d forgotten the pumice stone I’d bought at Target yesterday.  It was sitting by the sink.  I hauled my self up and got the stone and was stepping back into the tub, when I thought, “Hey, that was strange, I didn’t slip getting in last time even though I put lotion on my heels last night!” whereupon I slipped into the tub and fell in hard and fast, causing a massive tidal wave to surge up and out over the cat and my book on the rug next to the tub.

The cat levitated up to the counter, (knocking my watch off into the water in the process) and screeched out.  Good thing the door was open a little or she would have been concussed.  And the damn book is soaked.

Frankly, it was all worth it to see the cat levitate.  She weighs about 90 pounds (okay, 15) and doesn’t generally move that fast.


Urban Word of the Day

April 29, 2007: hip replacement

The process of introducing a formerly [cool] person to a product or idea that attempts to make them cool again. Reinventing an individuals public persona through assocation or action.

Joe just had a hip replacement – he ditched his 20 year old CD Walkman for a new IPod.

Quentin Tarrantino gave John Travolta a ‘hip replacement’ with Pulp Fiction.


Good one.  I think my wardrobe is in dire need of a hip replacement.  Except for a couple of things my mother bought me recently I look a little like I time-warped from the 90’s.

Take my job, please

I’m in class this week. SQL Server Administration.  5 days.  It’s about to kill me.  There are 16 people in the class.  15 of them are DBAs and this is their whole job.  I’m not a DBA.  Working w/a database is about 1/20th of my job.  I’ve never had much exposure to  SQL Server 2005, and it looks like it could become my life’s work.  Right after TiMSS.  Right after Lyris.  Right after redoing the whole frakking website that is three years overdue.  Right after doing something about this error message on the email server and writing the laptop policy and fixing that frakking 820 Latitude with the schitzy NIC after troubleshooting one of the 16 Treos after after after … aaaccck!

Honey, I’m stressing big time here.   I’d tie one on if my stomach didn’t hurt so much.

April Showers

It is raining like hell here today. We needed it so I’m not complaining, but the gutters need to be cleaned out again, dammit. There’s a river running down the front of the house, no doubt forcing its way under the concrete pad so that the house can sink a little right there.

Bob’s son is waiting impatiently for his girlfriend to arrive. Many heavy sighs and much pacing going on. I expect she’s probably late due to the rain.

Being the progressive person that I am, I said she could come and stay with him for a few days while he’s here visiting us. He’s known her since high school. He’s 21, and getting his ashes hauled seems like a reasonable thing for him to do. Somehow, I doubt his mother lets him have overnighters.

Since both “kids” are deaf, I will no doubt need the super power ear plugs tonight. 🙂 I imagine it’s hard to tell how much noise you’re making when you’re doing the wild thing but can’t hear. AND … I doubt either of them will worry much about it. That’s a good thing.

UPDATE:  She can’t come, her sis got a DUI (stupid to drink and drive) and her mother wants her to stay home (don’t know why, but I don’t know their situation).   Poor Tim.