Take my job, please

I’m in class this week. SQL Server Administration.  5 days.  It’s about to kill me.  There are 16 people in the class.  15 of them are DBAs and this is their whole job.  I’m not a DBA.  Working w/a database is about 1/20th of my job.  I’ve never had much exposure to  SQL Server 2005, and it looks like it could become my life’s work.  Right after TiMSS.  Right after Lyris.  Right after redoing the whole frakking website that is three years overdue.  Right after doing something about this error message on the email server and writing the laptop policy and fixing that frakking 820 Latitude with the schitzy NIC after troubleshooting one of the 16 Treos after after after … aaaccck!

Honey, I’m stressing big time here.   I’d tie one on if my stomach didn’t hurt so much.

3 thoughts on “Take my job, please

  1. I feel yer pain, darlin’ – remember that Exchange 2007 install? This week it’s a pair of HP ML350’s that spontaneously reboot, fixing bluetooth on a Dell lappy that was built for Vista that had to be flashed to XP (I’m thinking that one just won’t fly) a stupid security presentation where the presenters (us) will likely outnumber the guests, gay porn on another laptop (of course we need to save it as evidence…shudder) and at least three other things I can’t remember.

    Thus is the life of a JoAT Techie.


  2. Jack of All Trades – a non-specialist. They keep us around because there’s a pretty good chance that either A) our rat’s-nest craniums have encountered and cataloged this before, or B) we can usually figure it out with Google and / or a couple phone calls to the Geek Grapevine.

    Oh – the ML350’s ended up needing a firmware and driver update after SP2, the blurtooth got a new chip, the event wasn’t too bad, and well, gay porn is gay porn.


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