Tidal Wave

I’m getting a cold and decided to take a bath this morning to soothe my aching joints.  I brought a book with me, the cat came in and got comfy on the rug next to the tub, and I settled down for a nice soak in the deep hot water.

I realized  that I’d forgotten the pumice stone I’d bought at Target yesterday.  It was sitting by the sink.  I hauled my self up and got the stone and was stepping back into the tub, when I thought, “Hey, that was strange, I didn’t slip getting in last time even though I put lotion on my heels last night!” whereupon I slipped into the tub and fell in hard and fast, causing a massive tidal wave to surge up and out over the cat and my book on the rug next to the tub.

The cat levitated up to the counter, (knocking my watch off into the water in the process) and screeched out.  Good thing the door was open a little or she would have been concussed.  And the damn book is soaked.

Frankly, it was all worth it to see the cat levitate.  She weighs about 90 pounds (okay, 15) and doesn’t generally move that fast.

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