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Yesterday’s headlines left me flat, but these tickled me today. You (my vast internet audience of two) should subscribe to this newsletter, it nearly always has something hilarious in it. The Club Top Five is the best one, but you have to pay a little bit for it. Works out to $1.50/month. 🙂 Cheapest original humor on the internet.

–==++ TopFive’s News Headlines ++==–

Bush: Bin Laden Is Determined to Take Advantage of My Mistakes

Army Denies Tapping Suicide Hotlines to Find Recruits

Enemy of Counterfeit Vietnamese Noodles Is Faux-Pho Foe

Anne Heche Battles Ex-Husband for Custody of Mothership

FBI: U.S. Is Well-Defended Against Cyber-Terrorists [Er, No,
You’re Not!]

Study: Saturn’s Rings Are Dense Clumps, Much Like That Stuff
Around Uranus

Credits: David Kass (1), Bill Muse (2,3), Mike Ranston (4,6),
Jerry L. Embry (5)

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  1. bc says:

    Chris is probably going to yank my chain one of these days, anyway, for posting these. His stuff is all copyrighted. But he’s been on a drive to get new subscribers so I figure if I post his stuff with subscription links he might look at it more like free advertising. There’s a method to my madness.


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