GAH! It never fails.

I upgraded my WordPress software yesterday and it didn’t go *quite* right so I sort of half rolled it back and things were working for the time being. I knew that I would need to go fix it for real but was not ready to sit in that particular time sink quite yet.

This morning I get up and there’s no website. Oh fine, one of the triggers or maintenance routines went off in the DB against the half-assed updated WordPress software and totally hosed it. Nice! So I put in a trouble ticket and waited all day. Finally wrote again and got an answer: The server had crashed and tables weren’t closed properly and had to have a manual repair run on them. Not just mine, of course, anyone on this server. So they were busy.

On a positive note, I got the cruddy install (my fault, btw, not WordPress) cleaned up and everything’s hunky dory.

I swear, nothing big EVER happens to me with computers without something else unrelated but nearby or vaguely related happening at the same time, thus making it next to impossible to diagnose right off the bat. It’s a challenge. I know.

3 thoughts on “GAH! It never fails.

  1. Wow. I think I would Freak Out if I woke up and my website wasn’t there any more. You would find me under my desk, rocking back and forth, chewing on my hand. 🙂 Glad they got everything back up for you!


  2. Yup. Time sink. Something that just sucks your time and spins it right down the drain… next thing you know, hours have passed and you haven’t really gotten anything accomplished even though you’ve been mentally or physically busting your ass. Hrm. Not unlike spending the day at work. Ouch!


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