Out Of Office Reply

I will be out of the office until June 19. If you need help with something web related, please call my assistant at extension 209.



As it happens, I’ll be making my way to Long Beach, California, this afternoon, set for an early evening arrival on Jet Blue (where you can watch TV! Wowie Zowie! TV!! yawn). I will spend a few days visiting my mom, her sick boss/lover/friend and my little sister [I say little, but that’s sort of meaningless when said sister is 45, yes? The old bat will be reading this]. I’m looking forward to it, even though parts of it will be weird. I’m going to make a concerted effort not to check my work email. I’ve got an autoresponder on it, and my phone has the V message. Cross your fingers.

But, just for the record, stuff always breaks and the shit hits the fan when I’m gone. It never fails. So I go off, with my promise not to check work email, with a queasy stomach if I think about it.


7 thoughts on “Out Of Office Reply

  1. bc says:

    So far, so good! I’m at Mair’s, right on the beach in Long Beach. It’s nice, and the sun’s about to come out, so I will be hiking up the beach in short order.


  2. mairmair says:

    The old bat would like to write something clever, but the creativity isn’t flowin’ right now. Perhaps after a beer or two. We’re lunching at this spectacular place called Schooner or Later that is overlooking a marina and has GIGANTIC beers and great food!


  3. bc says:

    Can I just say this is the greatest neighborhood EVER??? I haven’t told Mair yet, but I think I’ll leave Bob and move in with her. I’m going to miss him, but the BEACH! The BREEZE! The BOATS! The PEOPLE!
    Okay, let me revise that: maybe I can get Bob to come with me to move into Mair’s place. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


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