4 thoughts on “Bizarro :)

  1. bc says:

    I missed this one somehow in my newspaper.
    How do people think of stuff like this? It is brilliant.
    I’m mostly from Idaho, where door-to-door missionaries are a daily thing so this rang a special little bell for me.
    I knew a guy (this was about a hundred years ago) who opened the door naked to a set of missionaries. He really did. They stuttered a little bit and went away. This guy was a rock and roll musician and opening the door nekkid in the middle of the day was de rigueur for him. Shameless. I think my older sister was boinking him at the time.


  2. bc says:

    No, that’s just my clear-as-mud writing style. She had probably been boinking him earlier, however.

    He was asleep and the missionaries woke him. He rose from the floor, all crusted with various um, stuff from the night’s debauchery and answered the door like that. He probably reeked of pot (at least), too. And he had really long, wild hair so he looked like a total freak.

    I can imagine that it scarred those poor fellows at the door.


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