September 19, 2007


Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Don’t believe me? Lookie here:

The Top 17 Things to Say at Home on Talk Like a Pirate Day

17> “Avast, ye bilge rats! Smartly remove yourselves off me lawn
before I make ya’s walk the plank!”

16> “Man the deck-swabbin’ tools. This vessel’s been boarded by
baby vomit.”

15> “Aye, Belinda, yer goldfish be sleepin’ in Davey Jones’

14> “Me pearl, I’ve got a mind to board ye and plunder yer many
treasures after the youngens are abed.”

13> “Sail ho, me hearties! I be seeing Mac ‘n’ Cheese on
the horizon.”

12> “There be starrrrvin’ children in Africa with scurrrrvy who
would give their right arrrrm for a bite o’ asparrrragus.”

11> “Arrrr, be not shuttin’ off me BitTorrent before the new
Metallica album be finished downloadin’!”

10> “Blast and bedamn it to the four winds! Which of ye scurvy
parasites sent 1000 instant ahoys on their handheld
semaphore device in the last billing moon?”

9> “Great Neptune on a mast! Not Arrrrrrrrrby’s again!”

8> “Well tickle me with a cap feather! I’ve told ye many a time
I’m not of a mind to be changing my long-distance!”

7> “Wench! Be fetching me another Grog Lite from the galley

6> “To the scurvy dog which uncorked that stench from
Blackbeard’s own colon: Announce yerself!”

5> “Now, lad, if’n all your young shipmates leapt to certain
death from that great steel span at New Amsterdam, would
ye feel obliged to follow suit?”

4> “Ahoy, ivory chamber pot! Prepare to be boarded and defiled
as I drop anchor.”

3> “Avast, ye scalawag, remove yer hook from my Eggo!”

2> “Here be our list for the market shoppin’: Yoo-Hoo, Ho-Hos
and a bottle of rum.”

and Topfive.com’s Number 1 Thing to Say
Around the House on Talk Like a Pirate Day…

1> “Who be the very model of a well-behaved bonny wee
housecritter, then? Be it ye? Be it? Be it?”