Chili Disaster

I had a yummy-sounding chicken and hominy chili recipe from EatingWell and experienced two unmitigated disasters while preparing it. To add insult to injury I went to the store and shopped for everything first. We’re talking some actual recipe effort here. Then …

1. I dropped a new bottle of EV olive oil on the porcelain floor tile and it exploded. How in the hell do you clean that up?? Gawd! What a frickin’ frackin’ hideous mess! About 25% of it is still in the corners and other dark places, with a light coating still on the floor. Bleah, no rest for the wicked. I have my work cut out for me tonight. Mr. Clean did not cut it.

2. I grabbed for one of those little 4 oz cans of Ortega chopped green chilies and dumped them in. Unfortunately, they were not the regular chopped green fire roasted chiles, they were the dangerously hot Jalapeno chilies in the same size and color of can. B*stards. I didn’t notice until it was wayyyy too late. The damned chicken chili is now simply too hot to eat. I like hot food, but this is more than normal humans can stand. All that shopping, chopping, all that sauteing. For naught. It sits on the stove and mocks me as I type.


Recipe notes: 1. Use regular green chilies, not the HOT ones unless you enjoy scarring your trachea. Or whatever that food tube thingy in your throat is.

2. If you’re using Abuelita’s Sonora style corn tortillas (and you should, they are a gift from the Gods), you don’t have to toast them first. And you only need three of them, not four, unless you LIKE IT when your chili can stand up by itself.
Coffee, yes. Chili, not so much.