Does every family have one?

The wind blew like crazy today and it rained tonight, cold and hard. Fall is definitely here. And very early for this neck of the woods.

I just got a letter from my wrecked sister in the nursing home. She loves the rain. She’s 3 years older than I am, and looks 30 years older from amphetimine abuse. No teeth left. Classic meth-mouth until she got dentures. She nearly died from amphetimines recently, courtesy of one of my old ex-friends, also an addict, sneaking some into the nursing home. Vick has MS, too, probably from years of chain smoking.
Not much left to this sister, really, sort of a strange but mildly Vicki-like shell on top of something unrecognizable. She still loves to receive boxes and to further this effort she has started writing letters now that she can write again. This one (click the link) made Bob and me howl last night when we read it. Maybe it was the vodka again. I’m SO sending her another box of DVDs.

The names on the bottom refer to a nice picture she sent.


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