Nature’s Twisty Designs

catface spider

Catface spider

Look at this amazing thing.  It’s about as big as your first thumb joint.  What you’re looking at is the spider’s rear end which really does look like a cat face, doesn’t it?  It came from my sister’s porch in Idaho.   T killed this one but K is growing some more.

2 thoughts on “Nature’s Twisty Designs

  1. Mair says:

    This is an AWESOME spider. I love spiders. It’s definitely spider season. They’re everywhere outside. I’ve never seen this type of spider with a cat on his bum.


  2. bc says:

    All my spiders seem to be coming IN now. I like spiders but I like them a lot better outside than in. Inside the only ones I have are those weird vibrating daddy-long-legs type. We have a housekeeper come in every two weeks, one would think that we would never have spider webs (or dust or cat hair) anywhere but one would be wrong, wrong, wrong.


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