You’ll be happy to know that none of the premium channels worked after the Comcast guy left. I had to get on the phone with them that night. It was a weird conversation that mainly centered around the fact that the guy seemed to be doing the right thing but he didn’t stick around long enough to test it out. The woman on the Comcast help line was quite apologetic after a bit.  I don’t really know why. I mean, she was all “I’m so sorry, that shouldn’t happen, we’re SO SORRY, gosh, we’re sorry, I’m really really sorry, etc. etc. ad nauseum.” Apparently I said some magic words.  Wish I knew what they were for next time.

I’m more used to getting dismissed and shat upon by them. It was odd. Here’s what happened to my friend Mary (head of the Regulatory department, RN, Policy Director, i.e., BigWig Smart Person) from work, who was trying to get internet access from Comcast this week – this is a true story, verbatim. I asked if she’d been able to use her new laptop yet and she related an experience much more de rigueur for Comcast:

“Well, this is a sad story. I have used my laptop for word processing only. Alas, I (foolishly) waited and waited for my Comcast internet hook-up kit. Today, day 7 of waiting, I called them to inquire about whether or not the package was sent/delivered. I was transferred a couple of times and finally ended up with the delightful (not) Danielle who informed me that:

1. No such order had ever been placed.

2. Comcast would never offer an existing customer a $19.00 a month rate for six months as Comcast NEVER matches competitor pricing.

3. I am clearly confused/delusional and/or lying.

I then asked Danielle if she might be capable of assisting me in immediately canceling Comcast cable services. Danielle was able to accomplish this with relative ease while simultaneously conveying barely concealed contempt, boredom and hostility. If only I could have seen the simultaneous eye rolling and nail filing or other more disgusting grooming rites. Now I can wait for the refund check.

I called SureWest and they were responsive, pleasant and had a better package deal all around. They are installing everything for me next Thursday.

Long story short, I am now anticipating a happy ending.”



Jeez, if I had stock in Comcast I’d be looking at my customer service logs. Yikes! They need more competition. I’m glad AT&T is getting into the game. I hate them, too, but competition is good.

So anyway, after *my* long conversation with tech support that same night they had somebody over the next day. And then two more people. Yes, we really were the first people in YC with a series III TiVO and the cable cards.  And three more cable weenies there to install it.
It works now, though. Quite nicely.

And as much as I love it, I could still go right back to the 13″ Black and White with PeasantVision. Don’t tell Bob. He’s buying a new TV.