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Thanks to the observant readers of the Dilbert Newsletter, here are more True Quotes from the people who put the duh in Induhvidual:

“There’s more than one way to peel a cat.”

“That woman uses olive oil like it grows on trees.”

“He’d give you the arm off his back.”

“You play ball with me and I’ll scratch yours.”

“We do not have a smoking cow at this point.”

“It’s our golden goose. We better figure out how to make her purr.”

“You are in the top one hundred percent.”

“She has four kids, and she’s pregnant with her third.”

“He’d still be alive today if he hadn’t died.”

“How many quarters can you cut an apple into?”

“The gunman was believed to be armed.”

“Why don’t they just put the water back in the lake when it’s been through the generator?”

“I’m up to my earballs in work.”

“It’s a dog eat dog world, and by golly, we better make sure we’re the dog.”

“I’m up to my ass in elbows and alligators.”

“Is your nephew a boy or a girl?”

“Put yourself in my pants.”

“I just got bit by a bee! Those damn bees have the sharpest teeth I have ever seen!”

“Do you think this store has any of that fellatio bread?” “This week, if not sooner.”

“People are dying like pancakes around here.”

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