e-mailing tonight, you can read over my shoulder

me: (talking about meditating and being good) You sound like you have your shit together again, that’s good. I envy your self-discipline.

Corpse flower pose …. it’s all about Zombies right now. They’re everywhere!


rb:hahahaha VERY NICE!

I had to quit going to class in Davis. seeing all those young coeds in
happy baby pose was too much. I dunt thin they like it when there is an
old man in class showing wood.


me: Show wood, fart, it’s all the same. It’s possible you were concentrating on the wrong thing. Or possibly, the coeds were giving you pussy vibes and your dick picked it up but your brain didn’t believe it. I mean, you can smell that stuff if you pay attention.
Did you ever watch Sex in the City? One of them (Samantha, to be precise) was going to a yoga class and she gave some handsome guy a boner and they made eye contact and picked up their mats and went off and fucked their brains out – Poof!- just like that.

Oh, if only real life imitated TV! Of course, maybe that really DOES happen regularly to beautiful people. Or young people, anyway. I vaguely seem to recall doing similar ballsy sexual shit when I was young. Feh. Who has the energy now?

Yoga and farting: My sister was going to a yoga class and had to stop after a few classes because the instructor farted all the time. Like every time she bent over. It offended my sis (or was stinky, I don’t remember which). I’d be laughing too much, or, more accurately, trying NOT to laugh to be able to concentrate on the poses.
I love yoga, I just got a schedule for a place by work, run by a bunch of lesbians. That could be interesting. No boner issues, fer sure. 🙂

Just camel toes.