Blue for Blues


I want to go see Bettye LaVette this weekend, and it doesn’t seem to be working out so far.   She’s at the Horseman’s Club in Sac, which is not a bad venue.  It’s part of the Heritagefest thing.  Cafe R&B are going to be there, too, and they are rather fun to watch.  The singer for Cafe R&B has sort of a Tina Turner thing going on.

Bob’s working, Andrew doesn’t want to go (but maybe April would) and I don’t know if the couple in Marysville we do things like this with are going to get to go.

I am feeling very whiny about everything, including that.  Aren’t you happy I’m sharing?


One thought on “Blue for Blues

  1. yes, but you should go a see Bettye LaVette — she’s the only game in town! after leaving her concert, you’ll be sooooo happy you decided to come.

    she works as hard as tina did when she was with ike. her show is always incredible and by the end, the audience is in love with her.

    plus, she’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever get to meet. so go!!!!!


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