Just Like Mom Used to Calculate

Pilot fish is installing software on a PC in this manufacturing plant when he notices a heavy rag on top of the monitor, covering the cooling slits. “Thinking I should remove it so it doesn’t overheat, I lifted the rag,” fish says. “To my surprise, under the rag was a chicken breast and another piece of food in baggies. I put the rag back down and asked the employee I was helping what was up with that. He said some of the guys heat their lunch that way, though he didn’t. I asked what was wrong with the microwave in the break room. He said the PC was closer and on their way out the door. Umm-mmm! Nothing tastes as good as chicken warmed by the radiation coming off a CRT!”


I love Shark Tank, read it every day.   I’ve even submitted True Tales and got t-shirts for my efforts.  It’s a fun column, all about the things IT people have to deal with every day.