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November 24, 2007: sike


The immediately preceding statement is false and was told to mislead.

I really miss that show [Blossom] … SIKE!


Okay, the editors of the urban dictionary are either dumb or younger than 13.

Psych – as in the slang derivative of Psych-Out — would be the word they are trying to define.    Am I wrong here?

6 thoughts on “Wrong

  1. Mair says:

    There are those of us (yes, me, for example) who NEVER EVER can spell that word right, the one that starts with a P and then has some letters after it… So the SIKE version suits me just fine.


  2. mairmair says:

    Yes, I’m that sister, however, my New Illiteracy: ESL Patrol has severely horked my spelling.

    You should get together with Hank from Californication re: the English language being sucked into a black hole. Speaking of that… I heard that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are suing ShowTime because the RHCP are claiming that they invented the word and ShowTime stole it. Neat-o, eh?


  3. bc says:

    Oh, no way. Remember a hundred years ago when we lived in Idaho and were steamed by all the Californians moving in? We even had bumper stickers: Don’t Californicate Idaho.


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