QOTM#1 – *Brandophilist or phonophile?

It’s Christmas, and that means it’s time to increase your cheesy collection of stuff!  What do you collect? What would you collect if you had unlimited funds or a complete lack of taste?  What’s your favorite piece in your current collection?

My hairdresser collects pigs, but doesn’t admit to it anymore because for years every client she had would buy her some pig-inspired thing for each and every birthday, Christmas, and vacation souvenir.  Pig calendars, pig salt shakers, pig figurines out the wazoo.  Ballerina pigs, ferchrissake.  She was drowning in pigs.  [wow, there’s an interesting mental image]

We did that to mom when she collected owls.  The problem becomes one of storage, plus, how do you toss one that came from somebody whom you love but has terrible taste?   But, oh, man, it’s so EASY to add to someone’s collection if it’s something kitschy!  I still have the urge to buy Margie an owl if I see a cute one, but I can usually contain myself.  It’s been months now since I’ve succumbed.

I collect wind-up toys.  I like all sorts of them.  Big and little.  My faves are generally robot-looking wind-ups, because it combines my love of sci-fi with my love of things that hop around on their own.
I have wind-up teeth, lips, sushi, chickens, liederhosen, pickles – you name it, I have one that hops.  They’re great, but I have no place to put them at the moment so they are languishing in old Bailey’s cans in the closet.  My Christmas “want list” this year has a collectible shelf on it.

So, out with it.  What do you collect?

*Brandophilist = cigar band collector
*Phonophilist = phonograph record collector

PS: If I was rich I might collect Arabian horses.
And stable boys.

6 thoughts on “QOTM#1 – *Brandophilist or phonophile?

  1. Yarn, of course, and needles. Books. Some would say cat hair. But I actively collect both tacky magnets, tacky thermometers, and coffee mugs. Occasionally I can find a tacky magnet that has a thermometer in it. If I could find a tacky magnetic coffee mug that also had a thermometer…? I’d probably pee, I’d be so happy.


  2. I collect erotic magnets. They’re kind of hard to come by unless one is actively looking for them.

    I collect Madonnas by default. I picked up a couple on my own once, and now I receive them on most occasions.

    Sock yarn.

    Cats, though that folly has worn off since I got my first dog.


  3. bc says:

    Sharon, send me an email with your address and I’ll send you an erotic magnet. Japanese. I only have one and I got it by accident. Belongs with a collection. 🙂


  4. Mark Jones says:

    What do I collect? Hmm. Well, I don’t recall intending this collection into being (although I probably did on some bone-headed subconscious level), but as I approach my semi-centennial, I’ve collected a shit-load of infirmities. I can’t see, I’m slow to learn, I can’t remember shit, my heartbeat is alarmingly non-rhythmic (I am white…), and I’m constantly discovering painful places where I wasn’t previously aware of places. So, this Christmas Eve I’m keeping the fireplace stoked to avoid any late night deliveries from Painful-Rectal-Itch-Klaus that might increase my collection. In fact, my New Year’s Eve resolution is to donate my entire collection to someone more deserving (a catholic priest specializing in children’s ministries, a religious fundamentalist, etc.).


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