Question of the Moment #2

I was trying to buy some stocking stuffers and this QOTM occurred to me, because I realized I somehow don’t know the answers FOR MY OWN DAMNED FAMILY:

What’s your favorite type of candy or snack?  Or, your favorite munchy/whatever if you’re not a candy fan?  I’m really partial to good scotch, but I’m not sure it qualifies as a snack.  Bailey’s Irish Cream has a nice snacky sound to it, too.  I’d like a little snacky drop right now.

I used to like chocolate covered cherries a lot, but they don’t excite me much anymore.  Atomic Fireballs (the big excruciatingly hot ones) were my all time favorite until my dentist thanked me for putting both his kids through college.  Out, out, damned Sugar!  I’ve switched to popcorn. Orville Redenbacher is making some good 100 calorie single serving au natural type bags o’ corn with butter, salt and pepper.  Just made my mouth water typing that.  Mebbe I’ll have some popcorn with my snacky.

Chocolate covered espresso beans?  Chocolate raspberry balls?  Sour apple gummy worms?   Pringles? Cheetos?  Hi Hos?  What’s yer pleasure?

6 thoughts on “Question of the Moment #2

  1. I also like chocolate, but NOT dark. Creamy milk chocolate rocks my socks, unless I want something salty,then I eat crackers or chips, or sometimes both,or all of the above!


  2. bc says:

    Packy – is there some particular type of creamy milk chocolate that’s your fave?
    Mom’s old friend Rita used to have an obsession about snacking. She had to make snack collections that would have just the right amount of saltiness, and chewiness, and sweetness to be consumed all at once. Licorce candy like Ike and Mike plus pretzels is what I vaguely remember watching her eat. One licorice, and one pretzel, into the mouth at the same time.


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