Gary died Thursday morning at 1:20.  His kids were with him and he was heavily sedated and peaceful.  The cancer won, but I think it took twice as long as it was supposed to.  I’m not sure if that was good or bad.  I know his people wanted him to stay around, but nobody wanted him to suffer. I guess whatever happens, happens. Happened.  He had a good life and was 75? or thereabouts.

I’m pretty far removed from that scene other than aching for mom and Mair.  I barely knew Gary, but liked most of what I did know and he was very generous to mom and Mair.   He’s been around us for a long time.  My impression is that he was very smart and very peculiar.

Poor mom is worrying about grandma right now, too.  She’s in a new nursing home (not gimcrack, dammit) and is very agitated from some medication they’re trying her on.  She’s 94 and losing her marbles.  Hard to say if it’s the meds (probably is, it was pretty sudden) or old age.  Why they can’t do something to make her more comfortable is beyond me.  I don’t think they’re going to be able to cure the fact that she’s really old.  I just wish I knew a little more about what was going on.  I’ve been pretty absent, though, so it’s doubtful anybody would talk much about it to me.

Christmas.  Full of happy memories for … who?

4 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. your grandma could be worse because she’s in a new environment. if she’s losing her marbles she’ll be even more confused for the first month without familiar surroundings to help her orientate.

    as for NOT being in the gimcrack, that’s possibly a good thing. would you really want a nurse like me taking grandma out for a walk 🙂


  2. Mair says:

    Gary was 69. He was indeed a very, very good guy. He made it almost nine months after he was diagnosed with cancer. They originally gave him six months. 😦

    Grandma is in a new environment. It’s a hospital, not a nursing home. We were told that the meds are making her agitated. It was pretty grim when we were there. She was at the table, trying to eat, but she was washing her hands with her milk. She didn’t even recognize mom, which totally threw mom for a loop. 😦

    On a brighter note… see you soon, sister Beth!


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