Holiday Furor

Yikes, 10 minutes to find a parking place at the grocery store. Really busy inside, too, but I expect it will be worse on Christmas Eve. I was trying to buy fruit for the brunch, need to make sure it has a couple of days to ripen. I’m not that hot at gaging that sort of thing, so half of it will be one step towards rotten and the rest will still be hard.

Or, mebbe this year it will be perfect.

It has occurred to me that much of my holiday entertaining anxiety is centered around the fact that I’m trying to make everything perfect. All the little details probably don’t really have to be perfect, do they? Make sure the catboxes and sheets are fresh. Ample food and booze. Take the top layer of fur off everything. Make sure the bathrooms are sparkling. Clean up the new cat barf. Brush up on my persiflage. That should do it.

Happy Holidays Wreath

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