Christmas Wrap Up

Bob got me Guitar Hero III for the Wii. THAT has been fun. Who knew nephew Michael was a Guitar God? It’s a lot easier on my joints than DDR, too. Doesn’t burn as many calories, however. Oh well. I like playing that old Cream song, Sunshine Of Your Love (just call me Eric). Also, loves me the Strokes Reptilia song. Mostly, I’m old.

Here’s my mother, pushing 75, learning how to play. Her sweatshirt says, “Careful, Or You’ll End Up In My Novel.”

Margie learns Guitar Hero

Sissy the dog was just happy Andrew was around. That’s her, being the laptop desk.

Sissy the desk

We had a lot of fun. I am still too pooped to write it up, which means I’ll never do it because it’s fading fast from my memory. We still have a houseful, too.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wrap Up

  1. bc says:

    She does, doesn’t she? Her mother is 96. Being 75 now does not mean the same thing it did 20 years ago. 75 is the new, what? 60? She’s always been pretty sporting. Game. Something. And she’s currently boffing her plumber, 20 years her junior.


  2. she’s boffing a hot 55 year old plumber?

    jeez. no wonder I’m not getting laid. I thought I only had to worry about competition from younger women.

    your mother rocks


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